Washi masking tape 252 / 90.0 micron

Sharp edge line, 90 days removal, multi-surface Japanese paper masking tape for interior/exterior application

Washi masking tapes offer super sharp paint line, UV and solvent resistance, waterproof and clean removability on every surface. Thin and extremely conformable Washi masking tapes are the ideal solution for any quality painting and decorating project.

(18mm) Code - 17045
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1.51 €
(24mm) Code - 17046
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(36mm) Code - 17047
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NOVOL Multilight

MULTILIGHT is a multifunctional polyester putty for filling and finishing. Thanks to the special fillers it contains, the product's density is about 40% lower when compared with conventional putties. Additional features of the putty are its smooth surface after application, high surface dryness and superb treatment.

Code - 90038
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Eco-Speed: Clearcoat of the latest generation!

Our extremely quick-drying 2K VOC Clear Coat Eco-Speed ​​delivers brilliant results in no time. Eco-Speed ​​is easy to work with, it dries out really fast and it is scratch-resistant.

Benefits of the clearcoat:
  • Rapid drying in 15 minutes at 60 ° C
  • Drying at room temperature
  • Partial and full car applying
  • Sandable and polishable immediately after cooling
  • Strong reduction of energy costs (about 35%)
  • Easy processing

A new way to reduce energy costs and optimize working hours!

Mixing ratio: 2: 1 with HS Eco-Speed ​​Hardener

Code - 80831
Clearcoat 5L + hardener 2.5L - set of 7.5L
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89.00 €
GVS Filter Technology

GVS Filter Technology SPR491 Elipse ABEK1P3 Dust/Vapour Combination Half Mask Respirator, Filters Ready Fitted, Medium/Large

Compact filter design to offer wider field of vision to the wearer. Lightweight respirator to offer as much comfort as possible to the wearer. High performance universal and particulate combination filters to protect against a wide range of vapours and dusts. Low breathing resistance to reduce the risk of user fatigue and to add additional comfort. Made from soft thermo-plastic elastomer that is hypo allergenic (latex, silicone and odour free) with easy to adjust head band.

(mask) Code - SPR496
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20.56 €
(filter) Code - SPR497
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11.97 €
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