A professional isn’t that what everybody understands correct this is a meaning of a person who earns for their living from a specified activity and they are skilled enough in their profession.
We - company Glasur Grupp OÜ which is very new to Estonian market - take it really seriously - professional isn’t word what we just spell, we aim to be the best in our sphere of activity (car paint business) we aim to be professionals on all sides of our business – we try to make best technicians, best sales managers, team that supports our customer and makes connection between us pleasant. We care and we take responsibility, we want to change things and make them better, change standards to better ones our main mission –
To create Value and make the Difference
Our main goal is client satisfaction – strong and reliable relationship which would be made and kept for many years and our cooperation would be called partnership where both sides would have gainful and profitable relationships in which both sides could get profits.

Our Company is ready to take actions in your company and help you with creating your work better, to give an ideas how to reach better goals, help with planning and body shop reorganization – we are ready help your business become more professional and become one of leading company in Estonia our more than twenty year experience will help us to guide you to become better, faster and more profitable.

Besides of all our possibilities to make your company better we can provide you with wide specter of car refinish products from more than fifty different countries all around the world. Products which are divided in different segments starting with world high class products from leading chemical companies as BASF and AKZO NOBEL through a different small fabrics located in different smaller and bigger countries. To see our partners and Brands which we are representing please go to our section - PARTNERS

And one of our key connection to our clients is wide specter of trainings and improvement of professional skills as in body shop repair process as even in all process starting from client consultation with body repair system overall. We provide trainings in different countries and different Manufactories – NOVOL; Saint Gobain; Akzo Nobel; BASF and have our country visits from professionals all around different manufactories.

Our technician Tõnu Tammist is one of notable technicians in Estonia who has implemented his knowledge in main education book on which is based education in Estonian schools. Except that he can provide you of unique information about Body shop processes and can make and two till three day Audits which will improve your Body shop speed, improve its quality and it will become more profitable.
Your company will be more professional and competitive!
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