Car refinish products - Industrial coating systems
NOVOL has been developing a system of products for car refinishing for over thirty years, from a wide range of coating materials, to advanced color selection systems. This technology is now complemented by a specialised line of materials in the INDUSTRIAL Coating System, specially developed for industrial customers involved in the manufacture of commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, agricultural and construction equipment, structural steelwork and containers etc. The INDUSTRIAL Coating System comprises a full range of products including anti-corrosion primers, fillers and topcoats specifically designed for light and heavy industrial applications.
The INDUSTRIAL mixing system has been developed for the mixing of small to medium quantities of coatings for diverse industrial applications. It allows the operator to mix the required quality and quantity in a few minutes, there by reducing delivery time for ready mixed product. This professional system can provide a wide range of products and finished depending on the base resin selected. The system comprises 18 concentrated pigmented pastes, and a range of resin binders, which when mixed to the correct formula provide the chosen colour in the selected finish and gloss level in polyurethane, alkyd, or primer undercoat. The common set of concentrated pigmented pastes, mixed with a range of resin binders reduce stock levels and therefore inventory cost.
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