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TERMOMECCANICA GL SRL was originally founded in 1978 by then-president Luciano Giangolini. Since that time the head office and production Felina is located in the province of Reggio Emilia. The company, now owned by the brothers Giangolini is conducted by them, in a few years transformed itself from a modest reality booths assembled components for a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality equipment for self-Body, the only one able to offer a complete package of our own production. Strong long experience, the brothers and their Giangolini new staff have brought TERMOMECCANICA his current position, which sees about to commit. 60 employees and exports about 60% of its production from the sale of booths, preparation areas, Paint Box, benches, measuring systems and Dime universal. PROJECTS ON DEMAND In 1989 the company paved the way for further progress by opening its own IDD (Industrial Development Department) in order to design and finalize made to measure painting plants to accommodate the needs of determinate market areas as aircraft, automotive, train and others manufactures. We are proud of number among our customers the following ones: GM factory (Mexico), ELVO factory (Greece), FIAT (Italy), IVECO service (Italy), LUFTHANSA TECHNIK (Philippines), DAEWOO (Philippines), DCHM Public Transport Company (Hong Kong), AVR (Estonia), MAN (Egypt), SAVE (Venice Airport Service), AIR MALTA serive (Malta), NATO (our code A0875) OUR TARGETS We have clearly in sign our goals. We want to make products at the best of the new technology Supply clients delivering solutions such as “keys in hand) We want to offering clients complete technical support THE MISSION To satisfy the needs of our customers. WHO MAKES THE DIFFERENCE ARE OUR CUSTOMERS, THEY ARE OUR BIGGEST POWER!!
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