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Walmec and the market, an association that has lasted for almost seventy years since, in 1945, a resourceful craftsman marked history with a painting system that is still the foundation of our rich catalogue; an association made up of dialogues, meetings, innovations and, above all, the will to grow together, Walmec and the market. New products and more: reliability, quality and service; because being on the market not only means listening and meeting new demands, but also the ability to offer innovation at the right conditions, at the right time, with the required features and expected quality.
Service and quality, reliability and dynamics, the “mission” that drives Walmec; “mission” that the entire organisation industriously and daily strives to fulfi l for the sole purpose of maintaining the market leadership the company has always enjoyed over all these years.
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certifi cation, which has accompanied Walmec in this journey in the compressed air world since 1996, summarised the professionalism and sincerity with which the company and its employees work each day: designing and manufacturing its products in the S. Lucia di Piave (TV) and Calcio (BG) facilities, thus offering the market a strictly MADE IN ITALY range of products.
For us, manufacturing in Italy means protecting a know-how that belongs to these brands, to these workers, to this market since 1945. Quality, reliability, service, capacity, reactivity: indispensable values, values rooted in our land, values that we proudly convey each day to all those who, with their trust, know how to appreciate them. Behind this catalogue is tradition, innovation, self-sacrifi ce and determination; there’s the determination of a company to demonstrate that sincerity is worth more than a discount; there’s the pride of over 100 people working for the market.
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