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Farécla Products Limited is a market leading manufacturer and supplier of surface finishing solutions to a variety of markets worldwide. Today Farécla is proud to export our products to over 120 countries, encompassing all 5 continents.
As the business continues to grow, the company has established strategic bases of operation in the UK, USA, Germany and Singapore.
Farécla products are extremely versatile and can be used across a wide variety of paint types and surface substrates to include; Automotive, Marine Industrial, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Consumer Retail and Valeting.
At Farécla, we are committed to continually investing in research and development to ensure that our products remain at the cutting edge of paint technology. It’s always been our goal to produce the best quality surface finishing products possible. Over 50 years of dedicated surface finishing experience has allowed us to hone our skills, passing unique knowledge and expertise from generation to generation to help make this goal a reality.
From the early 2 pack acrylics to today’s Ultra High Solids paint systems, Farécla products have remained the trusted solution to a wide variety of surface finishing challenges.
Our development scientists select only the very best raw materials to make up Farécla compounds and polishes, but it is the consumate skill with which they are made to interact that produces the product performance for which Farécla is renowned.
Our unique formulations are then developed and tested in partnership with leading paint manufacturers to ensure perfect compatibility with the latest systems.
Farécla is proud to have earned a reputation for delivering excellent products, satisfying the demands of customers for whom only perfection will do.
Whatever the advances in paint technology, you can be sure that Farécla will remain at the forefront of surface finishing innovation.
Founded in 1952, Farécla is a world-class manufacturer & supplier of surface finishing solutions to over 120 countries worldwide. Our experience and continuing investment in R&D helps us provide our customers with the fastest way to the finest finish.
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