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We are proud to present to you Gekatex S.A.S., a holding company with a registered capital of 2,735 Million EURO. Managed by Mr. Jacques Six it's President and Mr. Ronald Beys Managing Director and a team of professionals. It's location in La Chapelle d'Armentières, Northern France is ideally situated to serve all European countries and Ports of Antwerpen, Le Havre and Rotterdam are within reach of 300km.
Gekatex SAS, created in 1980 started as a company specialised in the manufacturing of Tack Rags dust binding wipers for the automotive and surface treatment paint departments. We are an ISO9001 version 2000 Certified Company.
Research and Development is one of the key priorities and a technical team offers specialised support to the end-user in the form of training and product application knowledge especially focussing on the automotive, aerospace, plastic component manufacturing working in paint shop hi tech environments as well as nuclear, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.
Overall Activities
Next to the manufacturing of Tack Rags on woven and non woven basis we are also converters of non wovens technical wiping cloths where we offer impregnation, cutting and folding according to the customers specifications. Brand new gluing machines offer best adhesion technology for the production of our polishing discs / buffing pads, this range is completed by polishing compounds and several other surface treatment products such as abrasives and various machines and chemicals used within the surface treatment process. Oil & chemical absorbents are also part of our wide range.
International Coverage
We work directly with the OEM Manufacturer in order to provide him tailor made solutions.
Our team of technical advisors is assisted in the field by specialised distributors within the automotive OEM and its equipment suppliers throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America and ASIA.
Gekatex SAS supply more than 30 distributors Worldwide and have own offices in Roumania and Slovakia as well as an Asian production site.
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