Products - Hagmans
Our business concept
Hagmans develops, manufactures and sells chemical technical concepts for advanced surface treatments to customers throughout Scandinavia, who as a result achieve lower maintenance costs.
Through the means of our own competence and in collaboration with our chosen partners, we shall develop and commercialise innovative ideas based on modern and environmentally-friendly surface treatment techniques.
Our core values
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
Owner´s vision
The owners vision for Hagmans Kemi AB is as follows: ”Through the means of the creativity and competence of our collaborators, Hagmans Kemi AB shall develop into one of Northern Europes leading chemical-technology companies. We at Hagmans shall, through the means of efficient and close customer product development, develop functional and decorative protective coatings for the areas of floors, roofs and vehicles. We are a market-orientated company and our total commitment shall be concentrated on sophisticated functional ideas and systems with clear environmental advantages.
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